Volunteering and Gap Year

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Voluntary work or taking a gap year can be constructive time out - it can be a working holiday or voluntary work at home or overseas and can involve the trip of a lifetime. It’s about gaining life experience and realising there is a world of opportunity out there.

Nowadays, all sorts of people are taking volunteer experiences and ‘gaps’, doing a thousand different things, and taking time out is now seen as a positive, rather than a negative thing. 

A growing number of studies show that there are real benefits to a gap year. They promote maturity as well as development of skills and decision-making. When it comes to recruitment employers’ pay particular attention to candidates who have taken a gap year. Many universities such as Harvard and Princeton in the United States encourage their students to take a break before commencing their course of study. Too many students begin their university studies without having really taken the time to know themselves and to consider their career options.

This section provides links to a number of useful websites that are helpful for those wishing to take a year out to gain some useful experience. The contents cover tips on travel, where to go, where to stay, where to get work abroad, insurance and some link to blogs from young people who have already gained this experience.

Volunteering and Gap Year Resources

A PDF factsheet about Careers Information relating to 

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A PDF Case Study about Moose in the Hoose Voluntary Workforce provided by Skills for Health.

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A PDF Case Study about the George House Trust Volunteer scheme provided by Skills for Health.

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In the following video, Andrea Rannard from Volunteering England highlights who could benefit from your help and how you can get involved, while Helen Davies from Orange explains how technology can help to make volunteering easier.

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What impact does volunteering have on health? In a bid to find out more precisely what impact volunteering can have on health, Volunteering England commissioned the University of Wales, Lampeter to undertake a systematic review of published research.

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