Sutton Trust: Less than half of state teachers would advise their most able pupils to apply to Oxbridge

Less than half of secondary state school teachers say they would advise their brightest pupils to apply to Oxford and Cambridge universities, a national survey of teachers commissioned by the Sutton Trust has found.

The proportion (44%) of teachers who would advise academically-gifted pupils to apply to Oxbridge has also declined since the Trust last surveyed teachers five years ago, when 50% said they would do so.

The latest survey also reveals that state school teachers hugely underestimate the proportion of state school students at Oxbridge. When asked what proportion of state school students were at Oxbridge 14% of teachers said they didn’t know. Of the 86% of teachers who gave an answer only 7% thought it was over 50% and almost two thirds thought it was less than 30%. The actual number admitted to Oxbridge is 57%. The survey found little difference in the beliefs of senior school leaders compared with classroom teachers.

The survey, which interviewed 730 secondary state school teachers, was carried out by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) as a part of their Teacher Voice Omnibus.

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