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Job Profiles

These profiles are useful to give young people an understanding of the roles covered by specific jobs. 

* For the most up-to-date entry route information for the jobs listed below please use the links to further information provided by each job profile.

Accounting Technician

What is the work like?

Accounting technicians are responsible for collecting, checking and analysing financial information. The precise nature of their work depends on the size and type of...

Accounts/Finance Clerk

What is the work like?

Accounts/finance clerks prepare, check and provide financial information for their colleagues, the organisation they work for and sometimes its customers.



What is the work like?

Acoustics is the name given to the branch of science that deals with sound. Acousticians manage, regulate and control noise and vibration in workplaces and the...


An actor's job is to bring to life characters created by playwrights and scriptwriters. They interpret their role with guidance from a director, and perform either in front of a live audience,...


What is the work like?

Actuaries use financial and statistical skills to help companies and governments to evaluate the long-term financial future and solve business problems. The outcomes...


Acupuncturists treat medical ailments by inserting fine needles into key pressure points in the body. It is an ancient Chinese holistic therapy, based on the theory that the body's health depends...

Administrative Assistant/Administrator

What is the work like?

An administrative assistant/administrator is responsible for providing administrative support for an office or department.

There are various types of...

Adult Education Organiser

What is the work like?

Adult education organisers provide access to a range of educational and recreational courses to meet the needs of the local community and to encourage people to take...

Adult Nurse

What is the work like?

Nurses trained in the adult branch care for patients from the age of 16 who are ill, injured or have physical disabilities. Nurses are normally responsible for a...

Advertising Account Executive

What is the work like?

Advertising account executives are employed by advertising agencies and act as the main point of contact between the agency and client.

The job of an account...

Advertising Account Planner

What is the work like?

Account planners represent the consumer's voice in an advertising/marketing agency. It's their job to really understand the customers their clients are trying to...

Advertising Art Director

What is the work like?

Art directors, often known as advertising creatives, are responsible for the visual elements of advertising campaigns. Usually working as a team with a creative...

Advertising Copywriter

What is the work like?

Copywriters and creative directors are employed by agencies both permanently and on a freelance basis to develop advertising concepts. They mainly deliver the words...

Advertising Installer/Bill Poster

What is the work like?

Any person who leaves their house is exposed to outdoor advertising. Advertising installers/bill posters are the people responsible for fixing outdoor advertising...

Advertising Media Planner/Buyer

What is the work like?

Advertising media planners identify the best mix of media channels, including radio, cinema, press, television, outdoor spaces, mail, the web and mobile...