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The Government is committed to a substantial boost to the Apprenticeship programme, with funding in place for 360,000 Apprenticeships this year.

Along with the expanding number of places there will be a greater focus on Advanced Apprenticeships, leading to level 3 qualifications (equivalent to A levels). Higher Apprenticeships, roughly equivalent to the first two years of an honours degree, will also be expanded. In the long term, the Government wants 20 per cent of young people to be taking Apprenticeships by 2020, and for Apprenticeships to gain parity of esteem with university degrees in the eyes of businesses and employers.

This section covers a wide range of UK-wide information, including questions and answers on what apprenticeships offer , opportunities for gaining workplace experience and vocational qualifications, whilst earning a wage are considered.

All Apprenticeships include on-the-job experience and off-the-job training, leading to recognised qualifications. However there are some differences between the Apprenticeship programmes offered in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, which are explained in the Need To Know section.

Apprenticeships Resources

A Careersbox video related to Apprenticeships

3 years 22 weeks ago | Anonymous

NB: On you can watch high resolution versions of the two clips. The two 5-minute clips illustrate entirely different types of apprenticeship. Each interviewee discusses the apprenticeship process, the necessary functional skills, PLTS skills, career progression, transferable skills, job families, post-16 options, and job satisfaction.

3 years 22 weeks ago | TES

A Careersbox video related to Apprenticeships. Craft, technician and business apprenterships are offered varying between 2-4 years. The schemes are comprehensive and cover various departments. Mentorship guidance is also given on the scheme.

3 years 22 weeks ago | Anonymous

A video created by The National Apprenticeship Service (NAS). This film demonstrates the range of Apprenticeships available and highlights the benefits to employers, business sectors and the apprentices themselves by talking to guests at an event to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week in February 2010.

3 years 22 weeks ago | TES
This Resource Pack from the National Apprenticeship Service contains lots of useful advice, information and lots of great activities to help you teach your class about apprenticeships.
3 years 22 weeks ago | Anonymous